Alevtina Kakhidze
Here there is art for introspection
and critical thinking, open initiatives
to search with the artist for solutions
through the complexity of today, and
partnership to visualize your numbers
and visions through art.

2022. I am at Manifesta again with a story about invasions.

2021. I am a participant of the program in the US.

2020. I am an activist in first days of Pandemic on Covid19.

2020. For the social sculptureSeeds of Ukraine”, created with the support of Set Independent Art Space, I put my own deadline — the beginning of spring 2020, but it was possible only in autumn.

2019. I am taking part in the conference Work&Democracy by producing drawings.

2019. I am building a community around the garden.

2019. I am at BBC with my own story, also here.

2019. Finally I admitted that global climate change is an issue. I am building my own strategy on it.

2018. A system of archiving art projects was created.

2018. My posters on the streets of Liege.

2018. I am talking about Trust, Experience, and Tolerance.

2017. Promoting tolerance as UNDP Tolerance Envoy in Ukraine.

2017. Those are my drawings that were sold at ArtBrussels.

2016. I am thinking with Evangelische Akademie Tutzing.

2016. Maidan Cases In Numbers And In my Pictures.

2016. A work of mine in M HKA kept with care.

2015. I am creating 4 futures of «The Home» for Art Collection Telekom.

2014. My business card during Manifesta10.

2014. I was boycotted but not all artists joined the boycott.

2014. Science fiction was the only thing that gave me moments of freedom during my childhood in the USSR.

2014. I started to produce a project about the war in Ukraine, using telephone conversations with my mother who lives in non-controlled territory.

12 December 2013. I produced the first drawing of the series dedicated to Maidan, a long-term protest in Ukraine 21.11.2013-20.02.2014.

May 2012. Performative dialogues were held in Crimea without any idea what would happened later – the Crimean Peninsula was annexed by the Russian Federation between February and March 2014.

December 2011. Inspired by world contemporary art fairs, I and Elena Ostrakova organised Art Fair in my village — MuzychiChristmasArtFair. It took place in a room of 25m2. The prices of the art works sold at the fair were no more than 500 UAH.

2011. MOROCCO “Working for Change” Progetto per un Padiglione del Marocco is about my little contribution for this big biennale.

May 2011. Adventure of my drawings from The Most Commercial Project at ViennaFair. Also here.

On September 16, 2010, at 12.00 at Zhulyany Airport Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine launches the grant programme for independent creative projects i3 (idea - impulse - innovation) and invites everyone to the opening of the programme i3.

25.05.2010. In the course of the public art program Museum of Contemporary Art PERMM and the program ‘Residency’ The Most Commercial Project in the Dress Code concept store I did this speech before the store’s customers, which was the most important part of the project.

15.05.2010. Performance with participation of my husband during Warsaw Night of museums LABORATORIUM: ON A-I-R, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw.

2010 True Alevtina, the project initiated by me to describe and criticize my own art activity:
Geist no.15-16 part 2 Website

24.10.2009. The drawn estimate has become real two times: my drawing “An armchair, two units, 1800, presumably “Lindome”, estimate: 800 Swedish kronor” was estimated at 800 Swedish kronors =113 USD and sold at the Ukrainian Contemporary art auction for 370 USD (starting bid 113 USD = 800 Swedish kronor) in 2009 and later — in 2011.

1989–2009: Turbulent World – Telling Time. Contemporary Photography and Video Works from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Germany with my work I Can Be A Girl With Blue Eyes.

2009. I have started my own garden, which become an important part of my art.

26–28 May 2009. I put a temporary sculpture in Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm. Thanks to Index for their support.

2009. Iaspis I gave the lecture ‘The evolution of consumer desire developed at about ten times its usual speed’. As a Ukrainian having lived in the flamboyant West in early 2000, and now as a passive participant of a enrichment of some part of Ukrainian society, including my own family. I have drawn a picture of the evolution of consumptionism: from the coveting of goods, the desire for exotic places and extreme experiences (flying the private plane, deep-sea diving) to the logic of places of exchange like stores and auction houses. It was success.

e-flux has asked a group of artists, architects, writers, curators, activists and designers to suggest what they think would be the best representation for the exchange of time between each other and to design a symbolic currency that is backed by trust between practitioners within a cultural community, rather than by gold or state authority. Can this token of exchange be represented, and if so, how? I suggested my own Design on TIME CURRENCY in 2009.

In 2008 I received the Kazimir Malevich Artist Award for my achievement in the development of contemporary art and importantly: quality, mastery, achievement and knowledge. I must say it was a nice feeling.

2007. I started living outside of Kyiv together with my husband — Volodymyr Babuik. Next year a residency program was founded there.

2005. Norman Bryson produced a text about my show in Heerlen.

2004. I moved to Maastricht to study at the JVE.

2002. I am at the opening of my installation at CCA, Kyiv.

2001 My first media work looks like this.

1999. I got married. Number of works will be dedicated to my husband during my art practice. This will be smart and lovely.

1998-2004 I am studying in NAOMA, still a very conservative academy. Only with this type of painting I could be accepted.

1986. My drawings, placed in the school corridor in Zhdanivka were vandalized by children – they drew tits and penises over them. This one was left unspoiled. Actually it was my first art exhibition.